Monday, December 14, 2009

Win - Win at Copenhagen ; on the books at least

Its Monday 14th december 2009 , 3 nights before any consenus is reached. but really its quite predicatbalke what will happen .
Targets will be high, but core promises unreachable . Like Sydney we will say a lot but say very little.
If the gas balance in the atmosphere is more resilaint than we are told is the case everyone wins . Governments get their taxes and to all intents and purposes in 2015 or 2020 " the Copenhagen treaty will be seen to be be effective" .
WE agree 1. to no more than a 2 degree rise by 2020
2 and /or a 15% cut in co2 by 2020.
China will find it easiest and benefit the most cause it currently is one of the worst emmiters . ETS if anything is a good way to pay the worst offenders and those amazing miracle workers behind the scenes - don't seem to be many at Copenhagen who know these complications: The school of mere description wins again

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What would we farmers know - enough to value add and make long term economic progress!

he's the rub . If you live in the country somehow you are presummed to have a suspect intellect . We know its not true , but our city centric leaders are never sure and at the moment are living on hot air and not keeping their eyes on the long term . If the former is true that makes them less intelligent and less responsible than us.
THE HOT AIR When something like export coal keeps the cash flowing going , the business knows best clones keep growing . Short term gain is a business knows best aim that's plain dangerous for someone in the system.
The bigger story is that Short term gain ( sale of telstra, snowy SPC and Bonlac ) is often bought at the cost of long term pain . Our problem is a bit like the oil rich countries will face in the decades ahead. We sell now and we gain now, but we lose later . you don't need a degree to know economic just need to live closer to the earth and its real limits .

THE ONGROUND REALITIES At least we and our forefather have the runs on the board . our forefathers set up and ran cooperatives which added value to our ag exports .
Our well degreed leaders on the other hand , have managed, in the matter of a few years, to allow those priceless institutions to be whiteanted and mere shells of their former selves. SPC bonlac see fairgomate

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

How to avoid making a complete prat of yourself

Some advice for Mr Pratt and those keen to make investments in Environment more effective long term

Moving targets is a reality for environment investors. It need not be so . One less obvious but clear source of moving targets are those recruited to the battle from universities . Like Peter (Peter Andrews story on Australian Story ABC TV this week ) and even Mr Pratt -he's got lots of people telling him about their ideas and innovations - be assured that what these loud speakers lack is not always education - what they lack is experience applied to education and a practicing respect for those few who are properly qualified to carry out surgery------ get better advisers or your quick fix practice sessions will kill off all accountable talk on the subject of an ongoing story of progress.

I don't back to the universities i studied at for answers.(You tend to that in years closer to graduation) . Why does Canberra, the meddling media and the manna driven quangos?

They believe rural indsutry is a subset of all industry ( a sort of economic monoculture) and they are wrong - wrong enough to send the people who try to both understand and care for Australia mad with their blinkered ness and "market knows best" quick fix driven drivel .
Innovation alone will waste Pratts and our countries great desire to do the right thing and do the neccessary good for Australia's future . I believe we all want and can handle the tough medicine - provided we do it together over decades and show proper ownership and respect for those critical components who observe and participate . That way the city will recognise our country is making progress and still has much to offer many other countries in the way of resolution and sustainability advice . But no quick fix or rushing back to rely on the myopia of the microscope brigade. Via quinsy

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The innate goodness of man - sorry for interrupting

 Send a note to Mark Vaille and John Anderson  "Do you really believe in all this fairyland stuff abour fair and agreement going together " . You must live on an island and listen to sweet talk by lawyers - they love agreements and know a lot about how laws make things fair .
I presume you've read up on the history of freetrade agreements in european history? . maybe your advisers are wiser than they? Are you destined to repeat old mistakes ?

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Booklernin and risktakin - the growin divide

I used to surf the net for info religiously, until i realised i was doing it religiously . I believed in the technological fix . The net is no different from the book ---its faddish new clothes and the content can be drivel or the direction dangerous ( except what you read on blogger!!)
If you know something about conservation and the content meet a few Aussiebloggers on